Meeting Megan Bowen and KARD concert at Korea vs Mexico World Cup event


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On June 23, Korea faced Mexico in the World Cup. While Mexico ultimately beat Korea, those of us in Seoul still had a great time cheering the team on.

I was invited to an event with other foreign residents. It was sponsored by #iseoulu and was held in Seoul Plaza.

tastes seoul good at i seoul u concert

Those who attended were given free gifts including a t-shirt, tumbler, and an interesting head band thingy.

The event started with various K-Pop cover groups dancing to popular songs. Most of the groups were actually from abroad. I assume they were flown to Korea to perform for this event.

There were both boy and girl groups. Everyone was quite impressive and energetic. It was easy to see that they are passionate about K-Pop.

After that, we were treated to a performance by the group KARD. They performed two of their hit songs before leaving. If you’d like to see their performance, see the video above.

kard concert.jpg

kard concert2.jpg

kard leaving their concert in seoul south korea

After that concert, I headed over to Megan Bowen’s meet and greet. I have watched her video for years, and it was fun chatting with her for a few moments.

megan bowen fan meeting 2018

tastesseoulgood meeting megan bowen at seoul event 2018

Overall, it was a long but fun day! Although Korea lost the World Cup match, I still had a great time watching the 2018 K-Pop cover dance festival, KARD, and meeting Megan Bowen!

For more info, watch the video above.


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