I Tried the Starbuck’s Avocado Frappuccino – Exclusive to Korea!

20180701_125917See my full review by watching this vlog!

Over the years, avocados have been a tricky thing to acquire in Korea. They were imported into the country, but the locals weren’t very familiar with them. Therefore, they were expensive, and often not great quality. This made for many sad foreigners who missed guacamole.

The avocado frappuccino is a part of the summer promotions at South Korean Starbuck’s locations.

Things have changed, however. And these days avocados are plentiful in Korea. Buying avocado toast or guacamole isn’t impossible anymore.

Starbucks, as they tend to be good at, decided to jump on this avocado bandwagon by creating the ‘avocado blended’ aka – the avocado frappuccino.

avocado blended frappuccino in korea 2018
The avocado blended frappuccino comes in one size only (tall) and retails for 6900 KRW ($6.50 USD)

At first glance, this looks like a real avocado, pit and all! However, what you are actually consuming is a frozen yogurty base. They blend real avocado to give it that authentic taste and appearance. The ‘pit’ is actually a hollow ball of chocolate! The green color comes from, well, avocado.

The avocado blended frappuccino was initially released 3 years ago. However, due to popular demand, it has made a limited-time comeback.

The flavor is what you’d imagine: avocado, sugar, and yogurt. While I wouldn’t say I loved it, I would say that if avocado is your jam, you should check it out.

The avocado blended frappuccino comes in one size only (tall) and costs 6900 Korean Won ($6.50 USD).

If you’re visiting Korea and want to experience the most Instagrammable drink since the Unicorn Frappuccino, you’d better hurry! This avocado blended frappuccino is only available for a few weeks, and at participating locations in South Korea.

avocado frappuccino in korea
The avocado blended frappuccino comes with a chocolate “pit” and a ring of syrup to make it look like a real avocado!
the avocado blended frappuccino in south korea
The avocado blended frappuccino is available exclusively at Starbuck’s in South Korea. 


the most instagrammable drink of 2018 - the avocado blended frappuccino
Beat the heat with the avocado blended frappuccino, available at participating Starbuck’s locations in South Korea.

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