Discover Incheon, South Korea

When you think of South Korea, you almost certainly think of the country’s largest city: Seoul. However, just an hour away from central Seoul lies a bustling city called Incheon. Odds are, if you fly into Korea, you’ll find yourself arriving at Incheon International Airport. Incheon is home to roughly 3 million people, and is easily found on the Seoul subway system.

While most people leave Incheon as soon as they land, there are plenty of reasons to spend some time checking the area out. It makes for the perfect day trip, and is easy to reach from destinations all around Korea.

Today, we head out of Seoul to discover the sights, sounds, and the tastes of Incheon, South Korea.

We start out taking Line 1 of the Seoul Metro system to the last stop: Incheon Station. Travel time from Seoul Station is approximately one hour.

The station is quite small. Walking out Exit 1 will lead you to the Incheon China Town. This small China Town has a long history. While there isn’t much to see, there is plenty to eat! Be sure to spend an hour or so walking around and sampling some of the many vendors selling different items.

Like many China Towns around the world, this place is definitely touristy. If you’re looking for something a bit more authentic, I would recommend visiting the Daerim China Town in Seoul. Regardless, the Incheon China Town is still worth a quick visit, and a good place to grab a quick bite. You might also want to check out jjajangmyeon – a black bean noodle dish that is said to have originated in the area.

Incheon China Town is just across the street from Incheon Station

After a few bites, we headed off to Wolmido Island. This reminded me of Navy Pier in Chicago. One could have a great time just walking around and exploring all the shops, restaurants, and cafes in the area.

For those a bit more adventurous, be sure to check out the Wolmi Theme Park. There are various rides and attractions. While it is definitely aimed towards children, adults can also have a great time exploring the various attractions located in the them park.

After a bit of walking around, we headed to grab a ferry to Eulwangri Beach. The ferry leaves approximately twice an hour and costs 3500 KRW per person. While there are quicker ways to reach the beach (you can go directly from the airport), the ferry was a fun experience. Be sure to buy some shrimp crackers and feed some of the many hungry seagulls that follow behind the ship. If you’re daring enough, try to feed them by hand! Just don’t lose a finger in the process!

After disembarking the 10 minute ferry ride, we set off to the beach. As a group of four, we opted to take a taxi ride (approximately 10,000 KRW). Just tell the cab driver where you want to go (though I’d recommend having the name written in Korean).

Upon reaching Eulwangri Beach, we were greeted with a small, yet stunning beach. One great thing about this particular beach is that it is less touristy and less crowded than other beaches in more popular parts of Korea (such as Busan).

After snapping a few photos, head over to one of the many restaurants that line the beach. We opted to check out some grilled shellfish. You’ll love the chance to sit at a table as a basket full of fresh seafood is delivered to the table. Just grill it in the shell at the table, and enjoy! It goes particularly well with a nice cold bottle of beer.

Upon enjoying a great dinner, we headed back for a lovely sunset. We fed the seagulls once again, before calling it a night.

We then headed back to Seoul from Incheon International Airport. We opted to take the express train to Seoul Station. (Click to book hassle-free from Klook!)

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All in all, Incheon has a lot to offer tourists. While you may find yourself wanting to escape the airport and head to Seoul as quickly as possible, you should definitely do yourself a favor and spend a little time in this city!

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