How to tour ‘Parasite’ filming locations in Seoul!

Fans from around the world are wondering where ‘Parasite’ was filmed in Seoul, South Korea. If you’re wondering where your favorite scenes were filmed, and how to reach them, then read on! Today I’m taking you on a journey of four places you can visit on a ‘Parasite’ filming location tour – and you can do it on your own without the help of a tour company! (Updated June 2, 2020)

In 2020, South Korean movie director Bong Joon Ho made history when his film “Parasite” (기생충) won four Academy Awards – including Best Picture. The movie received rave reviews from critics and moviegoers alike, and garnered a cult-like following.

After winning the awards, Korea, in particular, became “Parasite” crazy. Every newspaper featured the cast on the front page, and the Bong’s name could be heard being dropped in almost every conversation.

The film centers around three families in various stages of economic status in Korea. However, it could be argued that there were other characters in the film that didn’t receive a screen credit: the locations.

The days after the the film sweeped the Oscars, citizens (both locals and foreigners) flocked to four locations around Seoul – each of which were featured in the movie.

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It should be noted that the film was shot in 2018 in Seoul and Jeonju, a town about four hours away from Seoul. The house belonging to the wealthy Park family was actually a mixture of a soundstage that was built for the movie, as well as CGI. Therefore, it is not possible to view this property (which is a shame, as it is gorgeous!).

The locations have become such a tourist attraction that the Seoul City Government is planning to make walking tours of the location.

However, you’re able to visit these places on your own! Take your own ‘Parasite’ shooting location tour in Seoul! Be sure to visit these four places. This itinerary will require you to take public transportation. I HIGHLY recommend purchasing a T-Money card which you can use on the buses and subway. Book now, and pick up at Incheon International Airport!

Do note! These are real neighborhoods where real people live. Be respectful of the privacy of the local residents. If you plan to visit the businesses located in this article, by all means, do be sure to give them your business.

If you’re traveling to Seoul, you’ll definitely want to download the appropriate apps. Travel with Wi-Fi and SIM card through Klook!

You can see the entire tour by watching my video on YouTube!

1. Jahamun Tunnel

Address: 219 Jahamun-Ro, Buam-Dong, Jongno-Gu, Seoul (View on Google Maps)

Stairs featured in the Korean movie 'Parasite'. Take a tour of filming locations in Seoul.

The first stop on the ‘Parasite’ filming location tour starts in the Jongno District of Seoul. We start our journey at the Jahamun Tunnel (자하문터널). For fans of K-Dramas, you may recognize this area from dramas such as My Holo Love/I Holo You (나 홀로 그대) or  My First First Love/Because It’s My First Love (첫사랑은 처음이라서).

In “Parasite”, this scene takes place after the Park family comes home unexpectedly. The Kim family has to escape the house. They run down the set of stairs, and through the tunnel (North side).

If possible, bring someone with you to stand on the other side and take your photo as you go down the stairs. Do use caution as the tunnel is loud, and cars are passing by quickly.

Jahamun Tunnel - Parasite Filming Location

To get there: Exit 2 of Gyeonbukgung Station. Walk straight (approx 15 minutes). You will need to walk through the tunnel to reach the north side. You will exit the tunnel at the steps of the stairs.

2. Dwaejissal Supermarket (Woori Super)

Address: 32 Songijeong-ro, Gongdeok-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul (View on Google Maps)

Filming location of the movie "Parasite" in Seoul

In the film, this location is called 우리 슈퍼 – Woori Super (‘Our Supermarket’). Fans will recognize this store as it’s the place where KiTaek (Kevin) sits outside drinking soju with his friend Min. It is here that Min tells Kevin about the tutoring position of a wealthy family. It is here, at this exact location, that the story unfolds.

In real life, this store is called 돼지쌀슈퍼 – Dwaeji Ssal Super (translates to Pig Rice Supermarket). These little mom and pop shops can often be found in residential areas around Korea – especially in less-developed neighborhoods.

Dwaejji Ssal Supermarket - store featured in Parasite. 'Parasite' shooting location tour.

The large umbrella and plastic table the characters sat at have been taken away, but true fans of the movie will definitely recognize the exterior nonetheless!

To get there: From Jahamun Tunnel, turn around from the top of the stairs. Walk straight until you reach the bus stop. Board bus #7018 from ‘BuamDong Jumin Center”. Ride 4 stops, and get off at ‘Sejong Culture Center’. Walk 360m, and board Line 5 at Gwanghamun Station. Ride 2 stops, and leave from Exit 7 of Chungjungno Station. The store is located over the footpath. You will walk up a small hill on the left side. Alternately, you can board the small #3 bus, and exit from the stop right in front of the store.

3. Stairs in KiTaek’s village

Address: 3 Songijeong-ro 6-gil, Gongdeok-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul (View in Google Maps)

Throughout film history, there have been scenes where unforgettabe moments happen on stairs. Think Rocky, or the stairs in the recent Joker movie.

Take a tour of where 'Parasite' was filmed in Seoul .

If you watch “Parasite” closely, you’ll notice that stairs play an important role in telling the story of the three connected families. Stairs act as a way to show a transition of different social classes. It is on a pair of stairs, half-way through the film, where we are introduced to the hidden character in the bunker – a scene which almost changes the genre of the film.

During your tour of ‘Parasite’ filming locations, this will be the second set of stairs you encounter. In the film, this set of stairs appears in the scene where Ki-Jeong (Jessica) purchases a peach.

While this set of stairs only appears in the film momentarily, fans continue to flock to the location for the perfect selfie.

This set of stairs is a one minute walk away from the Dwaejissal Supermarket – just around the corner.

To get there: Exit the DwaejjiSsal Supermarket. Turn left. You will immediately see the stairs ahead.

4. Sky Pizza

Address: 86 Noryangjin-ro 6-gil, Noryangjin 2(i)-dong, Dongjak-gu, Seoul (View on Google Maps)

By now, you’ve surely worked up an appetite! That’s why we’ll end our tour at Sky Pizza (스카이 피자) in Noryangjin. In the movie, the family folds pizza boxes for this small shop, and later dines on pizza there.

Sky Pizza - filming location for the movie 'Parasite'.

In real life, this is a small shop that is located in a very residential area. Be ready to do a bit of walking to find it! However, you won’t be able to miss the bright orange sign that hangs above the front door.

On the day I went, the owners, an elderly couple, were tired, and taking a break from cooking for a few hours. Therefore, I was unable to try out the pizza (but I was interviewed by SBS 한밤!

The pizza shop also serves fried chicken, and seats approximately 10 people. The interior is decorated with the actual pizza boxes the actors folded in the movie. There are also autographed pictures of director Bong hanging on the wall.

If you have the opportunity to try the food, do let me know how it tastes!

Sky Pizza is located next to this CU convenience store.

To get there: Head back to the subway station. Take Line 5 to Yeouido Station. Transfer to Line 9. Depart Noryangjin Station Exit 6. Walk straight, and take a left at Tom and Tom’s Coffee. At this point, the narrow streets start getting quite windy. It is best to prepare your Google map – as explaining how to arrive would be fruitless.

In Closing

Taking a tour of ‘Parasite’ filming locations is a lot of fun. I’d recommend expecting the whole thing (including travel) to take 2-3 hours. Be sure to bring a camera, and take some great pictures!

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