Travel Resources

Klook (activities, SIM Cards, transportation, and more!) One of my favorite apps when traveling is called Klook. This easy to use app is great, especially when traveling in Asia, though they do offer products and services around the world. I have used Klook many times, and have never had any issues. I find their prices … Continue reading Travel Resources


Jenjudan is serving Black sugar milk tea in Korea

Korea takes trends and crazes to a whole new level. Over the years, I've watched the 'Honey Butter Chip' craze come and go. Recently, 'long padding' (long padded jackets) were all the rage. And we of course have to mention how BTS has swept the nation. See my entire review HERE! Most recently, black … Continue reading Jenjudan is serving Black sugar milk tea in Korea

Korean foods I can’t live without

Living in Korea, I have access to some of the most amazing cuisine in the world. While Korean food is starting to gain popularity around the world, there are still so many dishes that the average person might not be aware of. Today we'll look at a few Korean foods that I couldn't live without. … Continue reading Korean foods I can’t live without