Work With Tastes Seoul Good

So you’re interested in working with ‘Tastes Seoul Good’? Well, you’ve come to the right place! I’m always happy to talk about different opportunities, and welcome the chance to discuss how we can make this happen.

We are a fast growing YouTube channel focused on showcasing the many unique flavors of Korea via travel vlogs. We have worked with numerous brands and tourism boards to provide promotion for their events, or awareness of their city. As a growing foreign travel and food influencer in South Korea, there are many ways we can work together.

What we can do for you-

  • Tours- Traveling in Korea/Seoul but need someone to show you around?
  • Sponsorships – Want to sponsor a post on this blog and/or a video on YouTube?
  • Product/Restaurant Reviews – Opening a new restaurant in Korea and want coverage? Launching a new product and want to show it off?
  • Press Trips – Interested in working together to bring your country to my audience?
  • Media opportunities – Wish to license my footage, or wish to conduct an interview for your publication/broadcast?
  • Collaborations – Visiting Seoul and want to work together?
  • Guest Posts – Want to have your article published on
  • Promotional Content- Need a promotional video filmed for use on your SNS or website? I can film and edit, and present you with a professional, high-quality product.
  • Other – Feel free to reach out, and let’s see what we can work on together!

We’ve worked with various organizations including:

2020 – Boryeong Special Creator Program (보령스페셜크리에어터)

2020 – One More TripTourTainer‘ (Seoul Tourism Organization)

2020- Hello Korea Ambassador (Korean Tourism Organization)

2020- Visit BusanEnglish Language Content Creator (commissioned to create content for Busan Tourism Organization’s official YouTube channel)

2020 – Global Seoul Mate (Seoul Tourism Organization)

2020 – Honorary Reporter for

Awards and Other Achievements

2018Korea Tourism Video Contest – 장려상 (4th place) Award (Seoul Subway line 4 video, Seoul Subway line 3 video)

Korea Tourism Organization video contest winner

2018Korea Travel Easy (tour company) – Sponsored trip to cover Icheon Ginseng Festival 2018

2019Quiznos – Branded content. 2nd place prize in promotional video contest.

2019 – Named one of the Top 30 Korean Food Youtube Channels by

2020 – 2nd place finish – Trip to Songpa vlog contest

In the Media

Featured article in the Korea Times newspaper.

Content creator from US promotes Korea on YouTube:


We’ve worked with various brands to produce content to showcase their city or product. Check out a few examples of the work we’ve produced!

A video I created to highlight the Songpa District of Seoul, in collaboration with Global Seoul Mate 2020 – a group of foreigners chosen by the Seoul Tourism Organization to promote Seoul as a global city.,
Branded content for the city of Yeongwol (영월) and ‘Kimchi Seasoning’ by Seoul Sisters.
Branded content for the city of Boryeong (보령) South Korea to promote the upcoming 2022년 보령해양머드박람회. We are working on a series of videos to showcase the city over the course of 2020.
Branded content for the city of Boryeong (보령) South Korea to promote the upcoming 2022년 보령해양머드박람회. We are working on a series of videos to showcase the city over the course of 2020.
PPL for MyMoo Spanish Restaurant in Seoul, South Korea.
Example of branded content for ‘Kimchi Seasoning’ January 2020

What sets us apart

There are countless foreign influencers in Korea who are talented, hard-working, and create amazing content. However, we are one of the few that are focused on the food of the country.

We regularly travel around the Korean peninsula and show case unique attractions, for both locals and foreigners alike. Furthermore, we can create accurate subtitles in both English and Korea.

Sound like something you’re interested in?

Simply send me an email at . I look forward to hearing from you!


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