How to get from Kalibo to Boracay in 202020

When looking for a vacation destination, the Philippines has something for everyone. The island of Boracay is especially attractive, as it has a wide variety of sites and activities. But getting there in 2020 is super easy - you just need to know how to do it! (Updated Feb 2020) Why Boracay in 2020? While … Continue reading How to get from Kalibo to Boracay in 202020


Trying Jollibee in Boracay, Philippines

For me, one of the biggest joys when traveling is trying the local food. I mean, obviously. That's why I started this blog, right? However, as much as I love street food, night markets, and local hole in the wall restaurants, I also enjoy the occasional trip to the fast food restaurants. My first time … Continue reading Trying Jollibee in Boracay, Philippines

Kalibo Public Market is amazing!

See below for our Kalibo Public Market vlog! The Philippines has over 7000 islands. While I wish I had the time to explore each of those islands, I just don't. However, I recently had the chance to head to the city of Kalibo, located on the Aklan province. Kalibo is a small town, most well … Continue reading Kalibo Public Market is amazing!