Korea’s Black Sugar Bubble Tea Pizza is…not bad.

If you’re Italian, do yourself a favor, and just skip this article. If you’re easily offended by so-called ‘fusion foods’, you also may want to read something else.

Up until now, the most controversial pizza topping was pineapple (which, I’m totally OK with.) While many Westerners living in Korea complain about the creative toppings that adorn pizza in this country (sweet potato mousse, hot dogs, and CORN!) – nothing prepared me for what I would try today: the black sugar bubble tea pizza (흑당 버블티 피자)!

See my reaction by watching the video here!

I’m a big fan of pizza. I’m also a big fan of black sugar milk tea. However, combining the two of them was something I had never thought of. Fortunately, the great people at Mr. Pizza in South Korea decided they need to take these two items and put them together!

The pizza (if we can still call it that) is a thin crust. Luckily, there is no tomato sauce it. However, it is topped with mozzarella cheese, tapioca boba pearls, and a black sugar sauce. The outside of the pizza has an egg tart filling. It was also garnished with dried parsley (which really seemed out of place).

The taste of the pizza was…not bad. Surprisingly. The boba were soft without much bite. The texture of the crust, combined with the black sugar sauce made it taste like a thick pancake.

The Black Sugar Bubble Tea Pizza (흑당 버블티 피자) in South Korea.

Of course, we can’t forget the melted mozzarella cheese’s part in this creation. My pizza was light on the cheese. It added a bit of saltiness to the pizza without overpowering it.

The verdict? While the black sugar bubble tea pizza (흑당 버블티 피자) isn’t my favorite pizza in the world – I’ve definitely eaten worse things. While it’s hard to call it a ‘dessert pizza’, it’s impossible to think of traditional pizza. I struggle to think of a time that I would crave this pizza. If you must try it, I would recommend ordering it with a group of friends and having a slice each. It is quite sweet, and not something you want to eat more than a few pieces of.

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